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For years, G. Peter Jemison has created works of art which have explored ways to represent elements in the natural world in various contexts that reverberate with symbolic power in indigenous culture. He is an artist who has looked closely at the gifts of earth, the markers of seasons, and the essence that inhabits each creature who shares a place in the world. In many of his landscape paintings and drawings, Jemison meditates on the earth as it supports the life cycle of plants moving across seasons.

In Haudenosaunee tradition, there is a belief that every living thing, every part of creation contains a spiritual force called Orenda, and humans who also possess that force come into a more balanced relationship with the world they inhabit when they witness it in other beings. In this body of work, viewers can find thoughtful representations of the way the power of living things mark the land. These paintings and drawings explore the circle of things in the natural world that sustains our spirits and enriches our lives. His works function on multiple levels and show us that art does not merely capture and represent what one sees, but can whisper with the power of what it is possible to see and represent.

 - Gail Tremblay, text from the Living Spirit brochure, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

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